Website Design Limerick completed development work on this website, which reviews the best wireless routers. It’s imperative to the client that this WordPress site is mobile responsive. This ensures they can connect audiences on both mobile devices and desktops with the latest in best wireless routers and other tech products.



This client’s team researched the Internet routers market, focusing on the best Wifi routers. The target audience includes business owners or anyone dependent on the Internet for their livelihood.

The team also considered routers suitable for gamers and other enthusiasts. Such routers are required to handle various complex gaming scenarios and streaming capabilities.

The post is written with the needs, concerns and questions of the novice in mind. It’s well structured and sub-divided into several components. A top 10 products list is accompanied by information on how to buy them. There is a review of each product, with a buyers guide for those who like to shop around.

World-leading names in wireless router technology are featured in the post. Brands include TP-Link, Google WiFi, Asus, NETGEAR, D-Link, Amped Wireless, Linksys, and Apple. A couple of the brands appear more than once, but the writers encourage newcomers to shop around.

Best Wireless Routers & Customer Needs

It’s not easy for non-experts in particular to find a wireless router—it’s quite a complex undertaking. To that end, the reviewers have looked beyond simple comparisons between machines.

The sheer range of choice in best wireless routers is a little overwhelming. For example, your chief criteria may be price; it may be wireless range and strength of signal; it may be design.

You must be guided by your specific requirements when you’re looking for best wireless routers. The writers encourage you to think; to ask yourself if it will be for work or pleasure; for business or gaming.

The client’s router test processes have created a shop window of the best wireless routers, helping any prospective purchaser to make the best choice.