Website Design Limerick developed this website for a client who reviews the best electric shavers and other tech products. The client wanted the WordPress website to be 100% mobile responsive. This means that reviews of the best electric shavers and other products are available to audiences on mobile and desktop devices.



The client’s website publishes reviews and buyers guides to a broad range of consumer technology items. This particular review, focusing on the best electric shavers, is typical of the offering.

The post deals with a market sector that has experienced considerable evolution due to innovations in technology. Therefore, it’s important that posts are available to audiences regardless of whether they browse on static PCs or smartphones on the move.

The client also wanted a simple and uncluttered design. He wanted not to foreground the quality of featured brands, which include Remington, Philips, Panasonic, Braun and Wahl.

While these are household namess, some with more than one device in this overview, the site’s design simplicity helps audiences to make an informed choice.


Best Electric Shavers – Informed Choices

This review of the best electric shavers sets out to give readers all they need to know. The posts are easy to read, with quality imagery and informative reviews that assess each device from the perspective of customer needs.

Among the key needs assessment questions, the reviewers determine if the product allows for wet and dry shaves. They assess whether the shavers are suitable for sensitive skin. They also consider technical questions, asking if the shaver is rechargeable, and comes with accessories.

Posts are easy to navigate, with tabulated data and links to where browsers can find good deals for the products featured.

This is characteristic of a website that keeps audiences informed, whether they’re on a desktop PC, smartphone or tablet.